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MasterClass 2018.3 Engine Cooling & Climate Control - Australia

Moving into the summer months workshops always see a rise in cooling and climate control faults in vehicles. Combined with changes in how these systems operate, A/C and Thermal Management is a key function in all vehicle which can be difficult to diagnose.

Our final 2018 Masterclass will cover both Cooling Systems including Overheating Diagnostics with Scan tools and Climate control systems which focuses on optimal system pressures and changes between R134A & R1234YF

Topics included in Masterclass 2018. - Engine Cooling & Climate Control

Cooling Systems

  • The Evolution of Thermal Management Systems
  • Correct Coolant Applications – Coloured to confuse
  • Overheating Diagnostics with Scan tool, thermocouples & thermal imaging

Climate Control Systems

  • Refrigerant Charging – The right pressure for optimal cooling
  • Variable Displacement Compressors – Diagnostics & Design
  • R134A / R1234YF Changes & CO2 A/C systems

    Autopedia and Encyclopedia Members = $109 each (inc GST) + 4th member free!
    Standard Ticket = $129 each (inc GST)


    MasterClass 2018.2 Total Brake Diagnosis & Repair - Australia

    Braking systems are a safety critical component in every vehicle on the road. Ensuring the braking system is operating as required is something every workshop must do before they hand a vehicle back to a customers after any service or repair. 

    Our second 2018 Masterclass will cover current Braking systems Diagnosis & Repair. In this course you will develop a greater understanding of Brake Booster Diagnosis, Brake by wire Technology, Hybrid & Electric Vehicle braking systems as well as complete review of Brake Fluid and hose construction and types.

    Topics included in Masterclass 2018. - Total Brake Diagnosis & Repair

    • Brake Booster Diagnosis
    • Brake Fluid Pressure Testing
    • Brake Fluid Types & Specifications
    • Brake Hose Replacement
    • Performance Testing of Brakes
    • Hybrid and EV Braking
    • Brake by Wire Technology

      Autopedia and Encyclopedia Members = $109 each (inc GST) + 4th member free!
      Standard Ticket = $129 each (inc GST)


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          Attendees will receive a technical training manual, a certificate of attendance, and a light supper. Training sessions start at 6.30pm and run for approximately 3 hours.

          Unfortunately due to the size and location restrictions of training our venues, Auto-Tech is unable to accommodate special dietary requirements. Attendees with special dietary requirements are welcome to bring their own snacks to clinic training sessions if they wish.